Registration for 2015 Great Outdoor Weekend Programs is now open!

If you represent an organization, business or school that would like to be a part of Great Outdoor Weekend you can REGISTER HERE


All programs are created by members of Green Umbrella so first be sure to join with a Group membership available online by clicking here.

See you at Great Outdoor Weekend 2015 on September 26th and 27th!

And thank you to all the hosts, sponsors and most importantly, our visitors, for making last year's Great Outdoor Weekend one of the best ever! Over 40 of our Green Umbrella members offered 120+ FREE OUTDOOR events that spanned eight counties in and around Greater Cincinnati. Last year's Great Outdoor Weekend included guided hikes, climbing, gardening, fishing, paddling--as long as it was outside, we hosted it in our free, weekend-long sampler program. Check out our photos from last year on our Facebook page.

You don't have to wait...get outside now!

There are plenty of outdoor activities happening every day. Visit our year-round outdoor event site, which allows you to search for all different outdoor events in the region. With the help of this site, you can make every weekend a Great Outdoor Weekend! 

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